What are S.N.A.R.M.s?

The SNARM symbol. It represents the two sides of the Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters: their alien monster side is on the left, and their robot side is on the right. From a distance, the symbol also looks like a weapon eg. a bullet or missile. This indicates their desire for destruction and domination.

SNARMs live in Alpha Centauri, the nearest Star System to Earth. It is a harsh place with three suns.


They have adapted over many millions of years to their environment though, approximately 100,000 years ago they undertook a radical change. It saved their species (in a way - although they're not really the same species anymore), but it also changed their nature. Their survival may mean the end of Earth, and many other planets in the Galaxy.


The Super Ninja series touches on these issues, but Trevor's diaries really get into the nitty gritty. By the end of both series (about 4 or 5 books each) you will discover everything there is to know about the SNARMs.