21 May, 2021

Take a look at the new cover! Look really carefully and see what you can see. I'll give you a hint ... look at the background. I'm just waiting now to review the final copy before the book goes live and ready for sale!




This is the last book in the series. Will the Belmont family save Earth again? Will the Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters win? Or will President Krump dominate the Galaxy? Oh boy. 


3 November, 2020

Well hasn't 2020 been a crazy year: Coronavirus and Presidential elections. The good news is Book 4: The End Game should be released by Christmas. Hopefully you can sit back and relax, and find out how Matt and Jamie's adventures turn out. This is the last book in the series. Will the Belmont family save Earth again? Will the Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters win? Or will President Krump dominate the Galaxy? Oh boy. 

23 December, 2019

Wow, 2019 has been a very long year. The good news is Book 4: The End Game is nearly finished (well, the first draft anyway). Stay tuned loyal readers, the wait is almost over! Finally, I will be able to start Clown Town - a book I've had in my head for years but just haven't had the time to write.

2 February, 2018

Well, the good news is Super Ninja 3: The Search for Spock is OUT NOW (check out the "My Books" link above). It's a  little later than planned but not too far off. As for book 4 ... I'm still working through how it will all play out - it is the last book in the series after all, so it needs to end in a bang!


Thanks to Ellie, for regularly annoying her dad by saying, "When's Jeff going to finish the next book?"


I'm sure it will encourage me to finish book 4 much sooner!

31 May, 2017

It's been a long time since I've updated the news section of the website. I've been busy - not writing (unfortunately) - but studying to become a teacher. Anyway, I had started Book 3 of SNARM some time ago and had to stop - University really does take up an inconveniently large part of my time ...


Currently on a break so am writing again! Hope to have the latest SNARM instalment out before Christmas. There will be a total of four books in the series. My plan is to write Book 4 as soon as Book 3 is finished so, you never know, maybe the whole set will be finished by the end of February 2018? 


29 January, 2016

Exciting day. The Super Ninja Album is out! 



The songs are inspired by the Super Ninja books and includes the infamous (previously un-named) song from the book, Happy Little Dudes. It's sure to be a favourite.


The album is available in digital format in all the usual places (eg. iTunes) and can be streamed for free on places like Spotify. A CD version will soon be available for purchase on Amazon or on my website.


27 November, 2015

Wow, it's been a long time since I last posted news. I've been pretty busy working on the Super Ninja album. It's nearly there - out January 2016. Subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to know.



16 April, 2015


After months of solid work I can tell you that the second Trevor Diary: Beasts of Warghoul is now available in all good ebook stores.  I am still finalising the print version.


I'm really happy with Trevor 2 (as I call it). It's definitely the best of the Trevor books and is equal to The Gas Giant (the 2nd Super Ninja book). I feel both books are big improvements on the first books of the series - it makes we want to re-write the first ones!

23 November, 2014


Hmmm, about 35% done on the drawings for Trevor 2. I've hit some tricky drawings which have slowed me down. And of course, I've been writing another short story. This one is called: Vampire Butts from Outer Space. I've finished it today. Find it in the My Books section. 


Here's the cover below. 


Author's Edit (7 Feb, 2018): This book has now been collated into a short story collection called "Curiosity: And other short stories". 

7 August, 2014


I must admit, the drawing has been moving at a snails pace. I'm about 20% done.


But that's because I've been spending so much time with the crazy guys from Rule of Four, working on an album to compliment the books. Two songs are already out and they aren't even the best ones! I've been doing all the mixing of the songs, and I did the video clip (which you may have already seen). 



26 March, 2014

Wow, it's been three months since I last wrote any news. That's because I've been so busy. It took me ages to finalize the print version of The Gas Giant (I won't bore you with the technical details).


I've also been spending time writing my first novel for adults ... but I suppose that will be for another website!


The real news is that I've finished the written part of Trevor 2: The Beasts of Warghoul. I think it's even better than the first book - much better, in fact.


Hmmm, I just read my last post. I said I was going to start Clown Town ... oops. I think I got excited with the new Trevor storyline. Oh well, I'm still excited about the new Trevor! Now I just have to do all the drawing!


I love drawing, I find it very relaxing, but it can take a lot of time. The Beasts of Warghoul will be released later in 2014. I can't wait!



27 December, 2013


It's always difficult when deciding what to write next. I've decided my next project is a book that I've wanted to write for years. It's called "Clown Town". It's obviously not about space, and will not be part of a series, but I hope it will be funny and exciting - which is always my goal.


24 December, 2013


Book 2 in the Super Ninja Alien Robot Monster series titled, The Gas Giant is out now as an eBook. I'm pleased to say that I think (and so do the people I've asked that have already read it) that it is better than the first book. I hope you do too.


I'll be working on the formatting for the print version over the Christmas/New year period and hopefully it will be available early in January, 2014.



26 November, 2013


Here's the new cover for The Gas Giant (Book 2 in the Super Ninja Alien Robot Monster series). Planning on a pre-Christmas eBook release. Print book will be available early in the New Year.

Book Cover: The Gas Giant

21 November, 2013


Woo hoo! I've finished the first draft. This last week I've put in a lot of hours and, well, once I could feel I was getting close to the end I just kept pushing myself to keep writing.


I'm happy with the result at the moment. I'm going to leave it now for a week or two and then get to editing. I wonder if I'll still be happy with it when I read it all the way through for the first time? 


13 November, 2013


A little over two-thirds of the way through the first draft of SNARM 2: The Gas Giant, and now thinking about the illustrations and cover. Was hoping for a Christmas release, but not sure if I'll be able to make it. Still need to finish the story, and then LOTS of editing after that!


23 September, 2013


SNARM 2: The Gas Giant is a little over one third of the way complete (well, the first draft anyway). I basically know how I want the story to end but I'm surprising myself along the way as to how I'm going to get there.


There's a new bad guy too - I just haven't figured out exactly what he's going to look like yet. Overall, I would say the experience has been mostly fun, and sometimes tough.


I actually started writing this in January and had the outline of the story done back then, but most of my time was taken up writing and illustrating the Trevor Diary. I love doing both series as they are actually very different.


23 August,2013


Hooray! I've finally published Trevor: Diary of an Alien (Operation Earth Destroy). Well, the print version was finished a couple of weeks ago, but the ebook proved harder than I thought.


I always release my books first on Kindle before releasing on other formats such as Kobo and the iBook store because I think Amazon does a great job of promoting writers and books.


The only problem is that there are so many different types of Kindles (eg. e-ink, Fire, etc) - so you need to write a version that works okay with all versions. If you are only writing text that's fine, but as soon as you introduce images (Trevor has about 70) things get crazy. I must say it was a bit frustrating, but now that I've done it I'll know what works bestfor when I publish my next Trevor! 


Anyway, the ebook is available on Amazon (see the links on the right). A print version (my preferred version) is also available on Amazon, though, for my Australian customers I'm expecting a shipment in early September so I'll be able to sell to you from my Australian Store link (on the left) so you save on postage.


30 June, 2013


I'm desperate to release Trevor: Diary of an Alien, but I'm not willing to rush it out if it's not quite right. 


I'm currently doing my final edit (for grammar, etc) and will then start formatting for Kindle and Print versions. It is very, VERY close now!


I wanted to release both versions at the same time but there is still work to do on the print cover, so I think the ebook will be available first.


29 May, 2013


Boy was I wrong. Hmmm ... drawing takes a lot longer than I expected, or remembered. It probably doesn't help that I've drawn about 100 pictures for my new book, Trevor: Diary of an Alien. That's a lot more drawings than I had planned.


The drawings have also given me some new ideas so I have to write them in now. Still, the book will be out soon - definitely some time in June! I really am working very hard to get it out as soon as possible for everyone who has asked about it. :(



2 April, 2013


Trevor: Diary of an Alien "Operation Earth Destroy" should be out by the end of April.


There are a lot more pictures in this book than Super Ninja, and this time, I'm the one drawing them. Well ... actually, Trevor's drawing them! So they are taking some time.


So far my early drafts have had the thumbs up from my eldest son, Matt, and the drawings have had the thumbs up from my youngest son, Jamie.



14 Mar, 2013


This is the new cover (I think) for the next book and the first in a new series:

Trevor: Diary of an Alien


It's fairly self-explanatory I guess. It's a diary. And it's about my favourite Super Ninja Alien Robot Monster, Trevor.


I've had a lot of fun writing it and am now doing the drawings (which is hard because I haven't drawn for a long time and you get out of practice).


It's fun because my first book, Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters, is told from the Humans' point of view. But this book is told from the Aliens' point of view.



Trevor: Diary of an Alien



23 Feb, 2013


Short story. 

See what happens when Curiosity, the lonely Mars Rover looking for life on Mars, comes upon the Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters.


This is a fun little story that actually occurs between chapters 12 and 13 of the novel when the aliens camp out on Mars.


Author's edit (7 Feb, 2018): This is now in my short story collection called, "Curiosity: and other short stories".


Book Cover: Curiosity

26 Jan, 2013


Win a Kindle Fire, gift card and e-book giveaway!




Download this e-book (below), find the secret phrase, and enter it into the contest link embedded in the e-book to be entered into the draw to win a Kindle Fire, a $10 Amazon Gift Card or a great middle grade e-book from one of 14 fantastic authors!


Competition opens 7 February 2013 and the winner will be announced on 14 February 2013. This e-book will be available to download for free for 5 days from the 7-11th of February and at 99c for the remaining days of the promotion. The winners will be drawn on 14 February 2013 and announced shortly thereafter.


Whether you like fantasy, adventure, mystery or humor, "Love Middle Grade Actually" gives you a taste of it all!

Book Cover - Love middle grade actually

13 Jan, 2013


I took a break during Christmas and New Year. That meant no writing. I really missed it actually, but it was a good chance to catch up on a lot of things that needed to be done.


I'm back in full swing now writing Trevor: Diary of an alien. Trevor has become my favorite character and this book will be a lot of fun. There will be a lot of interesting things that extend the Super Ninja story, plus there will be a lot more drawings (done by me I'm afraid!). 


4 Dec, 2012


To celebrate the print release of Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters in the next week or two, I'm giving away 3 copies.


There is a catch though. You have to color in one of the SNARMs at and send to me via email at: by Friday 14 Dec.


Adults welcome to enter, but I'd prefer if your kids did the coloring in!


Winners notified by email Sunday 16 Dec.



18 Nov, 2012

I've been working on the print version of the book. It's proven harder than expected (like everything else!), but I think I've finally solved all the problems.


As you know, the book already has a front cover, but the print version also needs a back cover and a spine. Just working on that now with my cover designer.



9 Nov, 2012

Well it's finally complete. It took about 3 years to do - lots and lots of drafts! Thanks to all those that read the early versions.

The last year has mostly been small changes to the story, working with the illustrator on the drawings, and making sure there weren't too many spelling mistakes.


So, now I have to really get going on Super Ninja 2. Writing is a lot more fun than editing though. 



1 Nov, 2012

Almost ready to publish Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters to Amazon for Kindle.  Following that, I'll be organizing a print version of the book, also available from Amazon. I'm really excited about that.