Matt in Mega Thunder

Matt Belmont and Mega Thunder

Ten-and-a-half year old Matt is the main character in Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters. He's smart, sensitive, a great ninja-fighter, and despite what he'd have you believe - actually does love his little brother.


Mega Thunder is Matt's robot, or robo-suit, as they're called. Mega Thunder is big and powerful - perfect for defending the Earth from Aliens.

Jamie in Hotdog




Jamie Belmont and Hotdog

Matt's younger brother. Affectionately called a 'Noodle' because of the trouble he regularly causes. Jamie is athletic ... and smarter than he acts. Hotdog is Jamie's robo-suit. Smaller than Mega Thunder, Hotdog is fast and flashy - just like Jamie. 

Brain Storm




Brain Storm

Leader of the Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters (we call them SNARMs for short). Brain Storm will do anything to get what he wants, and doesn't care who he has to destroy to get it. He's also the Champion Ninja-fighter of all Alpha Centauri.

Weasel Butt





Weasel Butt

Brain Storm's slimy half-brother. Weasel Butt is not very strong, but he makes up for it by being sneaky. Oh, and that staff he carries - don't get hit by it.







Brain Storm's number one man (well, alien). When there's dirty work to be done, Roboto's the one in charge of getting it done. I get a feeling there's more to Roboto than meets the eye....

Storm Monger



Storm Monger

More monster than robot, Storm Monger would love to take Roboto's position. Is mean, nasty, and smart - which makes him very dangerous.

Wart Fist




War Fist

One of the nicer SNARM's. War Fist packs a big punch with those gloves he wears, but underneath all that slime and scales - he's really a sensitive guy.





We're not really sure why Trevor hangs out with these guys - he really is quite nice. It's pretty cool how he floats around but, when he needs to ninja-fight, a pair of robotic legs pop out. And yes, he is as dopey as he looks ... or is he...?


Trevor is also the star of his own series; Trevor: Diary of an Alien. He draws his own pictures too.

Picture of Numb Skull




Numb Skull

Numb Skull is Brain Storm's cousin, and he's every bit as mean and dangerous as the King of the SNARMs. You'll meet Numb Skull in Book 2: The Gas Giant.

Picture of a minibot





How cute, right? Every kid on Earth wants a minibot. Find out in book 2 whether it's worth getting one!

Image of Meat Grinder



Meat Grinder

Meet Meat Grinder, the biggest and strongest Robo-suit yet. He's a bit slower than Mega Thunder and Hotdog, but he makes up for it in raw power!