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Trevor: Diary of an Alien

Operation Earth Destroy

Any age 


Read Trevor's diary as he travels to Earth as the Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters put their "brilliant" plan to take over Earth into action. You'll learn more about the inner workings of Trevor's amazing mind, the other SNARMs and the history of the Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters.


This is a diary with LOTS of pictures.


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Beasts of Warghoul

Book 2 (Trevor series)

Any age


Trevor and his bumbling gang are sent to find a bunch of missing SNARM scouts. But what they find is far more sinister - something that will threaten the entire Galaxy! And why is Trevor the only one that can save us all?


Read Trevor's hilarious diary and you will find out. There is but one name for a true hero, and that name is ... Trevor.  


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Book Cover for Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters

Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters

Ages 8-12


Ninja fighting, half-robot, half-monster aliens from Alpha Centauri have come to destroy the Earth. Are two bickering brothers the world's only hope?


Join Matt Belmont and his troublesome little brother, Jamie, as they take on the meanest, ugliest and possibly dumbest aliens in the Universe.


This is a chapter book with some pictures.


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Book cover: The Gas Giant

The Gas Giant

Book 2 (S.N.A.R.M. series)

Ages 8-12


Meteors are bombarding Earth, so Matt and Jamie travel to the asteroid belt to investigate. What they discover is another brilliant plot to take over the Earth. There's also a new SNARM on the block, and he might just be meaner, tougher and dumber than any SNARM the boys have faced yet.


A chapter book with some pictures.


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Book cover: Curiosity

FREE (eBook only)



Short Story

Ages 7-12


In this fun (and free!) short story, see what happens when Curiosity, the lonely Mars Rover looking for life on Mars, comes upon the Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters.


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The Search for Spock

Book 3 (S.N.A.R.M. series)

(late 2017)

Ages 8-12


Dad has gone missing. E.D.A.M. is now controlled by the military. The Earth is in danger. It's up to Matt and Jamie Belmont to again save the planet from the Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters. This time, can the boys stop the evil aliens for good?

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Clown Town


Ages 10-14


Crackers is a gifted teenage clown at the world famous Clown Town Circus. When he causes his Dad, Noodles (the “Greatest Clown in the World"), to damage his funny bone he runs away to the Big City.


While Crackers struggles in his strange new world, Clown Town struggles to survive. Not only have the crowds become smaller since Noodles was injured, but someone is sabotaging the circus.


Can Crackers survive the crazy Big City, gain the strength to accept his mistakes, and find a way to defeat the hidden forces that wish to destroy his home?