Music is a big part of my life. It brings so many things: joy, relaxation, meaning, understanding ....  

The music here is meant to compliment the books - but really it's just an excuse for me to write an album with a bunch of cool new musicians.


So I introduce to you SUPER NINJA: THE ALBUM. It's a mix of radio-friendly and novelty songs crossing genres of pop, hip hop, rock, electronic and industrial. The album features the zany Rule of Four, pop rockers The New Side, and the dark but deep Beneath the Bone.


Super Ninja: The album (album cover)


If you've read the first Super Ninja book you'll know that there is a particular "un-named" song that plays an important role in the story.  Well, I can now reveal that the song is called "Happy Little Dudes". I think kids will love it. Adults ... maybe not so much.

It's so annoyingly catchy I'm thinking about making it into a ringtone!

The album is available in digital format in all the usual places (eg. iTunes, Amazon, Google Play) and can be streamed for free on places like Spotify and virtually anywhere else you can stream music. A CD version with additional artwork will soon be available for purchase on Amazon or on my website.


The video for the song, The Aliens are Coming, can also be found here on YouTube. I'll link to other video clips as they become available.