Music is a big part of my life. It brings so many things: joy, relaxation, meaning, understanding ....  


Ummm ... I've temporarily removed my album because I'm working on a stage play for Primary School Musicals that will use most of the songs - but I need to make some adjustments to some parts.


But how cool would it be for you to one day go into your music class and your teacher says: "Class, we are going to be performing "Super Ninja: The Musical as your end of year performance." Pretty cool, I'd say.


Anyway, I think in June, 2021 I'm putting back one or two songs that will be available on Spotify. Keep reading below to find out why that's important.

Super Ninja: The album (album cover)


If you've read the first Super Ninja book you'll know that there is a particular "un-named" song that plays an important role in the story.  Well, it gets revealed in one of the later books that the song is called, "Happy Little Dudes". I think kids will love it. Adults ... maybe not so much. It continues to play an important role in the books.


When it comes back onto Spotify make you sure listen to it every day - your parents will love you for it!

A still have a limited amount of the original CD's with additional artwork available for purchase on my website for Australian customers.


The video for the song, The Aliens are Coming, can also be found here on YouTube. I'll link to other video clips as they become available.