HUMOUR WITH HEART. I try to keep this in mind whenever I write. I suppose it's my motto.


My books are for kids, mostly boys at the moment - though I've heard from lots of girls that really like them too. They are novels for middle readers, which is around the ages of 8 to 12 (though the diaries are really for any age). The words, sentence structures and themes are written specifically for this age band (or as much as I can, given the big differences between an 8 yr old and a 12 yr old). Super Ninja 4 is a little more complicated because I figured by the time a child has gotten to the fourth book they will be a bit older and hopefully capable of handling the longer length and bigger words.


The music, well, that's for anyone who is interested. Because the music is so varied in genre, some songs will be to an individuals tastes whilst others may not be. I would really love to make the album into a stage musical/rock opera for children - either as part of a festival or, as many schools do, as the annual school musical performance (I'm now - in 2021 - working on this). 


I have two series of books: Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters and Trevor: Diary of an Alien. The books are based in the same "world", but are very different in style. Importantly, both series are designed to follow a progression of growth in the character and plot. It's a continuation of the story - like Star Wars or Harry Potter.


In truth, I wanted to show my children, in story form, some of the skills it's taken me my adult life to learn (and continue to learn). Emotional Intelligence ... it's a topic I've become very interested in; and I believe our level of emotional intelligence plays a significant role in how we cope throughout life's stresses and strains. I wish I had these skills earlier.

A lot of boys don't read much and many do struggle to read. This can have a major effect on their schooling and how they perceive school. If kids enjoy what they are reading - then they will most likely read.


However, I noticed that even with a title such as Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters, not every boy will want to read (surely they'd be interested in at least one of those words?).


I think pictures really do help the reluctant reader. That was a big part of my reasoning in writing Trevor: Diary of an Alien. It has a more simplistic style and lots of pictures. And let's face it, all kids love pictures in books!


But the Trevor series is more complex than that. It also fits my mantra of the importance of emotions (and being able to recognise them). Because that's what a diary is - we're writing down our thoughts and feelings. And for that reason I think Trevor can be enjoyed by a much wider age-range.



Finally, I do have a normal old blog. It's called Journey into Stuff.


It's not an author blog, or a kids blog. It's just about "stuff". I've never really been clear on its purpose. 


I suppose I want it to be part of my record to my children. Something that when they are older can read with understanding and say, "That's who my old man was. They were his thoughts and feelings about the world." We forget that the elderly were once young, and to this day I still don't really know that much about my parents. I want my kids to have a better understanding than I had.



I only update the blog every so often - less (or is that never) since I returned to study a Graduate Diploma in Education (which I've now finished as of December, 2018). The blog has highly scientific articles in it like: Why the dinosaurs actually became extinct; Popular Culture such as: The Worst non-Horror movie trilogy ever; Interesting but useless information: What are those words that athlete is singing when their national anthem is playing?; and even serious parenting articles, for example, Dad's have it Easy(er).