In the "olden days" (as my kids would say - I would say the 1990's) I wrote and illustrated greeting cards. The experience was very encouraging as it showed me that someone (a well respected card company) valued my work enough to pay me for it. 


I started dabbling in film around 2003. In 2005 I won a few awards for a short film called "The Brink" (which can be found on this website), and subsequently completed some feature-writing assignments for producers in Hollywood (which haven't been made into films! - but that's not unusual).


Since having my two boys I switched from writing for film to writing books for them (whilst doing my regular day job). Oh, and I also did a teaching degree and became a primary school teacher.


I love humour. My kids think I'm like Jim Carrey (just not as talented or good-looking).  I also love the tradition of storytelling to demonstrate concepts that may help children traverse some of life's difficulties (such as being called 'Farty bum breath').


The Super Ninja Alien Robot Monsters series is for middle readers. I wanted to write a books that boys would love, and their parents might also enjoy reading. Fortunately, girls also seem to like the stories and characters (and even words like Farty Bum Breath).


The Trevor: Diary of an Alien series allows me to draw. It's also written in the first person and strongly engages the thoughts and emotions of the main character.


And now, the books have inspired me to indulge my passion in music, which is something I have done privately for many, many years. It's also led to a project I'm working on - Super Ninja the Musical - based on the books and some songs I wrote about the books. Maybe one day you'll see it at a primary school near you.