Dad, you take too long

My 6 year old son asked me why it took me so long to write my stories.


You see, he had just finished writing his story. It took him about an hour. It's called Star Jammer and it's three chapters long. I thought I'd share it here.


In school they seem to teach kids to spell by the way the word sounds. So while he can read quite well (the real words), when he spells it often has no resemblance to the way the word is actually spelt. Here are his chapters (see if you can make out the words): 

Image of Chapter 1

Star Jammer: Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a battle between Blue and Red. They fought to the end of the world. They sacrificed themselves.

Image of Chapter 2

Star Jammer - 2

The troopers sacrificed themselves. [drawing of troopers]

Now they have done the right thing to do.

Image of Chapter 3

Star Jammer - 3

They too fought new ????(we couldn't figure this word out) for Blue team.


So there you have it. If anyone can work out what "uciets" means I'd love to know. Jamie wrote this a while a go and couldn't remember, but he did read every other word!


And to answer his question: editing. Lots of editing.

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